SCUAD is “social entertainment program” to change the world.
In this team competition-based program young participants with various backgrounds will team up and compete to create social and cultural innovation as a team in 10 days.

On the final day is the stage to showcase their action ideas to make a better world living.

The stage is designed full of entertainment to attract a lot of young audience
so that it expands the reaching range of social action

We define our program as “social pageant”.

The very first SCUAD will be held in Bandung, Indonesia.
Bandung is the host city of the First Asian-African Conference in 1955, which 29 Asian and African countries independent from colonialism after World War Ⅱ to promote Afro-Asian economic and cultural cooperation.

SCUAD Bandung 2020 is postponed from the original schedule due to international outbreak of COVID-19.
We will announce the new schedule and further update.

The first SCUAD set its theme as ”City Creative”, to recreate Bandung city better and more attractive and combat its social issue that are Poverty / Economic Gap and Traffic. The winning idea will be implemented to the actual governmental plan in Bandung city.

SCUAD について



SCUAD バンドン 2020 はCOVID-19(新型コロナウイルス)の世界的な拡大の影響を受け、開催の延期を決定いたしました。

”City Creative”をテーマに、バンドン市の社会課題”貧困・経済格差・交通渋滞”を解決し、より豊かで魅力的な街へと盛り上げるアイディアを生み出すことを目指し、優勝アイディアは市の政策として実行に向けて取り上げられる予定です。

SCUAD is an abbreviation for:

Social CUltural Action for Development, as well as homage for young word “SQUAD” (meaning bonded friends).

SCUADはSocial(社会的) Cultural(文化的) Action(行動) for Development(発展のための)の頭文字と、“強い絆で結ばれた仲間”を指す若者言葉であるSQUADとかけた造語です。

SCUAD Bandung 2020 is in official collaboration with Bandung City of Cultural and Tourism Department
SCUAD Bandung 2020はバンドン市観光局とのオフィシャルコラボレーションプログラムです

Some programs are provided by United Nations Indonesia and Bandung City Officials

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Sports Competition

A great mind is in a healthy body!
We believe sports are important for team building!


SCUAD Competition

Spark idea to change the world!
Showcase unique social action idea in creative way!


Food Competition

Love food? Create a crosscultural dish! Each team has to compete to create best fusion food ever!


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