SCUAD is a “social pageant” , a team competition-based event  exclusively designed to strengthen the relationship and spark fresh ideas among youth representing two countries. 

Youth will teamed up and compete to present their unique ideas based on SDG’s and on entertaining stage— to make a better world living.

This year, the very first SCUAD event will be held in Bandung, Indonesia, with 16 Indonesian youth and 16 Japanese.

Oh, by the way, SCUAD is an abbreviation for:

Social CUltural Action for Development, as well as homage for young word “SQUAD” (meaning bonded friends).

SCUAD は世界を良くするための新しいアイディアを生み出し発信するためのソーシャルページェント :協奏的競争です。


SCUAD 初の開催地はインドネシアのバンドン市を予定、インドネシアと日本の代表16人ずつ計32名が混合チームを組みます。

Social(社会的) Cultural(文化的) Action(行動) for Development(発展のための)の頭文字と、“強い絆で結ばれた仲間”を指す若者言葉であるSQUADとかけた造語

Our event is supported by the United Nations