Host City: Bandung

Bandung city, the capital of West Java State, is the host city of the first Asian – African Conference (Bandung Conference) on April 18th, 1955.
29 Asian and African countries independent from colonialism after World War Ⅱ joined the conference to promote Afro-Asian economic and cultural cooperation. “Declaration on promotion of world peace and cooperation (the Ten Principles of Bandung” was adopted, the Asian – African partnership started in the city.


Must-Know about Bandung

*The 4th biggest in Indonesia / インドネシア第4の都市

*The most academic in country / 国内随一の学生都市

*Host city of epoch making Asia Africa Conference in 1955 / 戦後のアジアアフリカ会議開催地

*UNESCO creative city / UNESCOクリエイティブシティ