Bandung 2020 Details

SCUAD Bandung 2020 is postponed from the original schedule due to international outbreak of COVID-19.
We will announce the new schedule and further update. 
SCUAD バンドン 2020 はCOVID-19(新型コロナウイルス)の世界的な拡大の影響を受け、開催の延期を決定いたしました。

March 12th-22nd 2020, the very first SCUAD will be held in Bandung, Indonesia
– the host city of the First Asian-African Conference to promote Afro-Asian economic and cultural cooperation back in 1955.


Theme “City Creative”

Recreate city, Combat Poverty / Economic Gap / Traffic
貧困 / 経済格差 / 交通渋滞 の解決とよりよい街づくり

Recreate Bandung city better and more attractive and combat its social issue

*winning idea to these issue will be implemented to the actual governmental plan in Bandung city.