Event: SCUAD 2021

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SCUAD 2021 is the show to create the future.

While offering the alternative excitement for “real” travel and entertainment experiences, we also showcase the creative solutions by SCUADers, the teams of young Indonesian & Japanese, to improve the tourism in both countries, starting from the host city Bandung Indonesia.

We will show you how SCUADers are competing with each other to build a bridge between Indonesia and Japan, until the day when you can enjoy a real travelling and SCUADers will create the future even brighter together with you.


SCUAD Competition
Bandung 2021

SCUAD competition is the team competition between SCUADers, a mixed team of Indonesians and Japanese with a different background. Beyond the differences of nationality, gender, age, and also field of interest, they will collaborate and create a masterpiece of their SCUAD idea, the social cultural action for the development of the brighter future.

This year’s theme that promoted by the SCUADers in this pandemic era (as known well as the era that maintaining the physical distance between people) is “the tourism and city promotion in the new era” of our host city, Bandung.



We are officially announcing that our next event, SCUAD BANDUNG is happening on March 13th. And we also annouce as the event venue, we’ll launch a virtual city of Bandung in March. Stay tuned for more info!