Call for SCUAD SQUAD for Bandung 2020!

*Application closed, thank you!!  バンドン2020の募集は締め切りました

Meet once-in-a-lifetime experience, new friends and fun!!

*Be spotlighted as a game changer and entertainer to give a great impact to the host community!

*Be SQUAD with diverse friends from world, share cultures and collide to creative an innovative idea!

*Shape your leadership, international mindset and many other skill! Great for resume and future career! 





SCUAD – “social pageant” , a team competition-based event exclusively designed to strengthen the relationship of youth and spark social action ideas powered by entertainment

SCUAD – ”世界を変えるエンターテインメント”をテーマにしたチーム対抗コンテスト形式のソーシャル×エンターテインメントプログラム


1.Who can join SCUAD as a participant?  参加資格

An active youth above 16 years old, with any occupations, any nationalities, and any gender. You can choose the country you are to represent.

2. Where can I see the detailed schedule ?  スケジュール

Please refer here for the detailed schedule. March 12th -22nd is for the program in Bandung, and you may need to add a time for your trip to Bandung.
詳細スケジュールは こちらをご確認ください。3月12日ー22日はバンドン市内のプログラム日程であり、日本からの移動はこの期間に含まれません。

3.What is the language SCUAD will use?  使用言語

Basically program is conducted in English. However each team is supported by multilingual facilitator, so you don’t have to be fluent in foreign language.

4.Where and How will participants stay? 滞在

All the participants will be accomodated in 3 star hotel in Bandung, and Japanese and Indonesian representative will share the room.

5.How can I apply?  応募方法・料金・スカラシップ制度

Please refer here and download the brochure for details based on your country. For the Indonesian participants more info may be provided from your school or organization. Ask us for the further question –
詳細は こちらからパンフレットをダウンロードしご確認ください。プログラム料金は11日間で100,000円です。ジャカルタ空港までの移動費用は含まれません。参加が半額の50000円となるスカラシップを希望される方は応募の際に必要事項を記入してください。SCUAD運営局(バンドン市含む)の選考により最大3名のかたにスカラシップの提供がされます。



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Registration Deadline for SCUAD 2020