Motto and Story

We are where 5 years old kid can enjoy, 10 years old can learn,
and 20 years old can change the world.


Nanami Chinatsu
Founder of ProudStory and
Miss Heritage Japan

Spread SCUAD, Connect SQUAD

We are on our way to spread Social Cultural Action for Development, and connect youth beyond borders of nation, gender, or status.

We dream to “change the world”, but we are not a professional, a celebrity, a superhero.
And we don’t think we have to be.
We don’t have to be in a renowned school, a wealthy family, a grand conference to change the world better.
Instead, we can take the first step on the street for the big movement when we start thinking about what we can do for the better future, and that’s the wave we want to bring.

Far from well established, immature with bumps on our road and still on the transforming (thanks to the Covid-19 especially), but our soul is to spread SCUAD and connect SQUAD, and we love and believe this our Action.

I hope you join our SQUAD to spread #SCUAD, find your own action to make the world a bit better and fun.
the future is ours.

私たちはSocial(社会的)Cultural(文化的)Action(行動)for Development(発展のための)を広め、国や性別や肩書を越えて若い世代を繋げることを目指す活動です。



the future is ours.