Motto and Story

An international event with spectacle stage that 5 years old kid can enjoy, 10 years old can learn, and 20 years old can change the world.


Nanami Chinatsu
Founder of ProudStory and
Miss Heritage Japan

Our future hope 私たちの望む未来

Each one of us may not be able to do much.
But if many of us work together, united and hand in hand, nothing is impossible.
And that’s the key for the social issues we are now facing, such as environmental issue or economic gap.
On the other hand, we have to admit the actions for these social issues are now only by limited leaders, and the cry from those action leaders cannot effectively reach the majority of public.

“FUN” – The excitement is the strongest power to drive people.
SCUAD is designed to highlight entertaining wonders instead of serious problems.
It will move young people that are not interested in social issues,
and can be the first door to connect social action and many future generations.
Cool, fun, entertaining social program will bring excitement, will change the action of many youth,
and eventually change the world.


“FUN” – ワクワクする気持ちは人を動かす何よりも強い原動力です。